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The Magic of Restart

Although I am well into my forties I can avidly remember my childhood as if it were yesterday. Running races, playing hide and seek, blowing bubbles, building masterpieces in the sandbox, watching Sesame Street, or making wishes and believing they would come true. My all-time favorite go-to move was the classic do-over.  If you played a game and you didn't like the way things were going, no worries, you could simply run to base, start over again, yell "Time out" "Freeze" or request a do-over and you just like that you would receive a fresh start or the game would stand still until you were ready to play again.   I naively thought life  would come equipped with this capability as well. If things g ot too tuff I could simply yell out "Time Out" and all  of my worries and cares would effortlessly come to a s tandstill. After I regained my composure life co uld  begin again after  I was good and ready to opt back in.    Imagine my surprise when I found out
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We Teach People How to Treat Us

If we close our eyes, we can all visualize a child whining in our ears, complaining, "She did this to me!" "He did that!" It wasn't that hard to imagine, was it? Well, this time, picture an adult doing the same thing? Is that difficult for you to "see"?  Let's be honest. Is this something you're guilty of? Yeah, I know. People are capable of doing some very cruel things, unimaginably at times when we least expect them. But what was your response to their behavior? Did your reaction to the situation tell the person you would accept this or similar behavior from them in the future? I'm not saying you should cut people off for the slightest offense. But you, me, we teach people how to treat us. We show them both what we will and will not tolerate.  Communication is key. No one can advocate for you better than you. You are fully aware of what you do and do not like. If you don't like how someone treated you or the way something made you fee

You Get What You Allow.

I f you don't know, let me tell you, romantic relationships in 2021 are not for the weak. Truthfully, if I'm going to be brutally honest, relationships have never been easy. The saying "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" is certainly more than a notion. But it goes even deeper than that. We all come into relationships with emotional baggage, history of failed relationships, upbringing, preconceived ideas, unspoken expectations, etc. There should be no surprise why most relationships that are started with the best of intentions usually fail miserably. Whether the relationship looks like a fairytale or it's as toxic as they come, the simple truth is you get what you allow.   3 years ago, my husband and I finally separated after a 7-year rocky marriage. To his credit he could be  extremely giving, helpful, and supportive, There are many things that I would not have accomplished without having him by my side. So what was the proble m   in the marriage? Was th

The Woman with the Red, Designer Shoes

   An upscale downtown shoe store window proudly displayed an impressive pair of red designer heels. The shoes seemed to call out to a young woman as she attempted to pass by. Captivated, she walked inside to have a closer look. She approached the salesman anxious to know the price. He informed her the heels in question were expensive, limited edition shoes, and the store only had one pair left.  The shoes were definitely over her budget but she figured there would be no harm in simply trying them on. She promised herself she'd only wear them for a moment and then she would promptly take off the fabulous pumps, walk out of the shop, and try to forget they existed. But as she held the elegantly crafted box her heart seemed to skip a beat. She quickly pulled back the decorative packaging revealing the most exquisite pair of shoes she had ever seen. Barely stifling the squeal that erupted from her lips, she removed her shoes and hurriedly slipped into the beautiful heels. They seemed

The Power of Words

  I n a place far, far away there lived an old, bag woman who was revered by the townsfolk; she was known for making predictions about the people of the town. The people believed her words; whatever she spoke about a person would somehow come true. The young and the old alike would come from both far and near to hear her speak her prophecies. The townspeople would gather around her as she rocked in her old rocking chair. After a minute or two she would begin to hum, quietly she'd get up from her chair, walk over to the old kettle stove, reach into her pockets and pull out 3 mint leaves, drop them into the pot and begin to stir the boiling water. Then she would speak her prophecies to the memerized crowds. The people believed her words and sat spellbound in her presence as she spoke. And sure enough, her words would eventually be fulfilled. One day, two young girls from the same side of town went to visit the old, bag woman. The girls wanted insight concerning who they would one d


  Have you ever thought about how some of the most invaluable assets of our world came to be? We rarely consider the processes that are involved in refining gold, diamonds or other precious stones. We simply admire the finished project without regarding the sweat equity that produced these beautiful and costly items.  Pressure is defined as constant physical force that is applied to or against an object. Many of the world's precious treasures that are here today would cease to exist with the absence of pressure. Although the process of pressurizing an object can be a burdensome and tenuous task; I think we'd all agree it's worth it.  Diamonds are formed from carbon that is buried, deep beneath massive layers of earth. They are put under intense pressures equaling 725,000 pounds per square inch. Next, they are exposed to extreme temperatures totalling 2,200 Fahrenheit.    Once found they must be cleaned, sorted and inspected. Only a small number of these diamonds can move on

Go Get It

I absolutely love object lessons. An object lesson can provide a unique viewpoint by providing a tangible object to illustrate a teaching or principle. The amazing aspect of using an object lesson is the power of association. Each time you see an image that correlates with that particular subject, the teaching or principle will be reinforced and renewed in the mind. The start of a New Year always brings the thought of resolutions. What were the goals you set for the year? Have you begun working on your to do list? Maybe you know what you want, but you're unsure of how to get it. Well, let's take some inspiration from these big cats. Leopards generally hunt alone. They are risk averse, so you will not find these lovely cats engaging in a confrontational battle. A leopard's night vision is 7 times better than that of humans. They are nocturnal creatures, knowing their advantages, most of their hunting occurs at night. They pick animals that are smaller and defenseless. These